Window insect screens FAQ

Frame GrooveQ: If I am replacing my insect screens with new screening products, what spline size should I use?
A: If you do not have a sample of your old spline to match the size, then the product that is being installed and the screen frame’s spline groove determine spline size. Measure across the spline channel or groove of the screen frame and use one size smaller spline for fabrication.

Q: Which products are best for a coastal/high humidity climate?
A: All fiberglass screens, sun control screens, bronze screen and Pet screen.

Q: Which products provide the best insect protection?
A: All winner insect screening products provide excellent insect protection.

Q: Which products are the longest lasting?
A: All winner products are made to provide years of enjoyment and protection.

Q: Which products provide extra strength?
A: Pet screen: Vinyl-coated polyester makes pet screen seven times stronger than traditional insect screening. It is puncture and tear resistant, and its strength and flexibility make it excellent for many non-traditional screening purposes, including sewn items.

Stainless Steel Screen: Has excellent visibility features and is very durable.
Pool & Patio Screening: Designed for use in large openings, this screen has the extra strength needed for open expanse applications such as pool enclosures, porches and patio rooms.
Aluminum Insect Screen: This is a durable traditional insect screen, and the black and charcoal coatings available on this product provide weather resistance.
Bronze: 90% copper and 10% zinc provides strength, durability and corrosion resistance, making this screen a long lasting insect screen.
See the following extra-strong products at Exterior Sun Control Landing Page.

Q: Which products allow the best airflow?
A: Stainless steel screen: Superior.
Aluminum: Good.
Bronze: Good.
Standard Fiberglass: Good.
Pool & Patio: Good.

Q: Which products have the best outward visibility/view?
A: Stainless Screen has superior outward visibility, and the entire winner product line in the dark color options provide great visibility features.

Q: Will bronze screen turn green?
A: No, this product weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish that enhances outward visibility.

Q. How do you clean insect screening?
A. Rinse metal products with water only. Clean vinyl products with a mild soapy solution, avoiding hard scrubbing.