Fly Screen Instruction

Note: Before installing your screen proceed with Angles if any required. Angles will be screwed on the window frame to work as a at surface for the screen to rest against, normally this option is only required for inside fit screens.

After all the angles are installed, proceed with the screen, it’s always easier to hold the screen to the position you want before drilling any screws to your frame, this way you can be sure the screen will fit, and no extra drilling will be required.

Once screen is on the position you want screw one screw per hinge, this way you will have the screen secured and it will be much easier to screw the second screw into the hinges.

inside fitinside fit with angle

Inside Fit
For inside the hinge is tested on the inside of the window frame and turn clip attached to where the screen will rest against.

Inside Fit with Angle
For inside fit with angle, install the angle to the position where you want the screen to rest against. After installing the angle to the inside of the window frame, proceed with the screen.

Outside Fit (Face)
In this option the screen will rest against the window frame or wall.

Installing screen windows is always a simple task for one person, much easier if you have someone helping you.

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